FREEDOMDAY is born from the intuition and the experience of Russo family, creators of a forty-year-old company that previously produced clothings for renowned international fashion brands. FREEDOMDAY is more than just a brand of high quality outerwears, but an authentic result of infinite story that derives from the wonder of nature to futuristic skylines: intriguing fragments of life that narrates the spirit of freedom and adventure – translated into a contemporary and borderless brand.

Freedomday_Sisak_Coat_Navy_Close Up

Each story is portrayed into parkas and down jackets through relentless research of pioneering design with smart and positive attitude. Integratedly, each collection acts like an album of photographs, that is rich of experience, travel, and passion towards beauty of the world.

Made of high quality materials that represent Italian-style, FREEDOMDAY offers a wide range of outerwears for outdoor activities that emphasize freedom of movement to the wearer and let them cope with unpredictable and even extreme climate conditions, while at the same time not forgetting style and recognizable taste.


FREEDOMDAY represents the balance between poetry and technology, strongly influenced by travel experiences among the most beautiful destinations in the world.

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FREEDOMDAY reinterprets the iconic style of parka and vests with dynamic silhouettes and color palettes with irresistible tones. It is branched in two distinct labels, which represents a precise aesthetic. The Red Label is characterized by a fun and energetic design, while the Black Label is outlined by simplicity and elegance.

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FREEDOMDAY is distributed internationally, including Spain, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Belgium, France, Holland, Switzerland, Korea, Japan, and Turkey. An original idea that is born in Italy and devoted to all urban explorers that seek authenticity without limits.